Using Skanveir lifters brings many advantages for companies in the metal and shipbuilding sectors, giving them a competitive edge.

More efficient work processes increase capacity.

Our lifting solutions maximise safety and efficiency in metal handling, making our customers’ work processes more efficient and improving occupational safety at work sites.

The right technology decreases the need for personnel

Skanveir’s vacuum and magnetic lifters guarantee efficient, reliable and safe lifting. The load is controlled easily and accurately with a radio control, operated by just one person.

Higher utilisation rates

Quick handling improves the utilisation rate of metal processing machinery.

Less down-time for maintenance

High-quality Skanveir technology is reliable. The equipment requires very little service, helping to keep down-time for maintenance to a minimum.

Savings on storage costs

Plates but also profiles and beams can be stored closer to each other. This reduces the need for storage space and decreases fixed costs.

Improving occupational safety

Reliable Skanveir lifting systems improve occupational safety and employee satisfaction. A professional workforce is happy to stay with the company and employee turnover decreases.

Less waste and higher quality

When lifting does not damage the product, wastage is kept to a minimum and product quality remains high, minimising the number of customer complaints.