Skanveir’s high-quality electromagnets are used for lifting thin steel sheets, steel plates, and flame-cut pieces and for handling beams, pipes, and round steel. Our electromagnets, which have different capacities and can be either round or rectangular, are selected on the basis of the application.

Superior lifting capacity

Electromagnets offer superior lifting capacity when compared with permanent and electropermanent magnets. Electromagnets create a strong and deep magnetic field, which allows them to operate even over a large air gap. Their advantages also include a low weight in relation to their lifting capacity, adjustable lifting force, and quick grip and release operations.

Reliability through generous dimensioning

Skanveir’s magnet control system is a compact unit in which even the power transformer and battery charger are inside the electric cabinet. The control system is largely immune to disturbances that could cause system failure and dropping of the load. All components have been dimensioned to withstand constant use. For outdoor applications, the system can be equipped with heaters.

Secure load fastening

A load is always gripped with partial power. Transfer is allowed only after full power has automatically been switched on, ensuring that the load is always secured such that the required safety factor is honoured. Releasing and tipping are always performed with a two-step control process, to prevent unwanted dropping of the load. A high-quality lead battery complete with battery-charging automation guarantees that the load remains secured even during a power supply failure. The operating life of the battery is significantly prolonged by temperature-compensated charging voltage. Boost charging reduces the time required for full charging of the battery after the mains supply failure.

Quick grip and release operations

The gripping force can be adjusted in eight levels to speed up the lifting of a single plate. Surplus plates can be dropped by weakening of the magnetic field. A fast release of the load is accomplished by demagnetising.