Skanveir’s magnetic lifting beams can transfer significantly more steel than conventional techniques. Stacks, thin sheets, thick plates, flame-cut pieces, and other materials are handled safely and flexibly. Our individually designed and meticulously tested equipment is safe and suitable for heavy-duty lifting year in, year out. The quick gripping and releasing of plates without risk of scratching the surface, along with the minimal need for manpower, help to boost efficiency and productivity.

A solution for all magnetic lifting needs

The standard series offers an affordable and appropriate alternative for most plate handling applications. Standard-length beams are a suitable solution when the plates to be lifted are of standard size. We also design and manufacture magnetic lifting beams customised for our clients’ needs. Skanveir’s magnetic lifting beams can be equipped with motorised turning of the magnets or the beam and motorised telescopic extensions.

The superior lifting capacity of electromagnets

Electromagnets offer a lifting capacity superior to that of permanent and electropermanent magnets. Electromagnets create a strong and deep magnetic field, managing well even when there is a large air gap. The advantages also include a low ratio of equipment weight to lifting capacity, adjustable lifting force, and quick grip and release operations. Skanveir’s precisely dimensioned magnets are capable of separating plates as thin as 3 mm.

A reliable and safe control system

The control system designed by Skanveir is capable of controlling the magnets individually, in groups or all magnets simultaneously. The advantages offered by the control unit include high usability, easy maintenance, reliability, and safety in all circumstances. Skanveir’s control units are produced with components that are commonly available; therefore, a qualified electrician can service them. An isolated failure or user error, such as control voltage failure or changes in the control settings, does not result in dropping of the load during lifting. Power supply during a voltage failure is ensured with maintenance-free lead batteries.

Technical information on standard beams

A magnetic beam with a fixed length provides an advantageous and suitable solution for most plate lifting operations. When attached to a crane with two lifting hooks, it can be used for uncentred lifting of plates. Magnetic beams are also available for single-hook cranes.

Our magnetic beams for plates use strong rectangular magnets, which allow the quick and easy lifting of heavy plates.

Beams for plates and cut pieces come with round magnets, which make it possible to lift and sort cut pieces and parts of plates of various sizes and shapes in conjunction with plasma cutting.

Skanveir’s extensive experience and high standards are evident in the carefully designed details of our beams:

  • Magnets that are precisely dimensioned to suit the application speed up gripping operations and the separation of plates
  • A branched-chain suspension of magnets minimises the swinging of the load
  • Simple structure improves visibility
  • Easy-to-notice signalling devices and clear notifications increase safety
  • The robust structure and high-quality surface finish ensure that the beam can withstand heavy-duty use and challenging conditions

Magnetic beams for plates

Technical dataM250x1250-14B-10tM250x1250-15B-12tM250x1250-16B-15t
Lifting capacity10 000 kg12 000 kg15 000 kg
Plate sizes1,5 x 3,0 m x 3...160 mmn2,0 x 6,0 m x 4...60 mmn3,0 x 12,0 m x 5...35 mm1,5 x 3,0 m x 3...160 mmn2,0 x 6,0 m x 3...90 mmn3,0 x 12,0 m x 5...40 mm1,5 x 3,0 m x 3...160 mmn2,0 x 6,0 m x 3...120 mmn3,0 x 12,0 m x 5...50 mm
Number of magnets4 pcs5 pcs6 pcs
Exterior dimensions,
L x W x H
9,4 m x 1,3 m x 1,2 m9,4 m x 1,3 m x 1,2 m9,4 m x 1,3 m x 1,2 m
Equipment weight2100 kg2600 kg2800 kg

Magnetic beams for plates and cut pieces

Technical dataM267-315B-10tM267-318B-12tM267-321B-15t
Lifting capacity10 000 kg12 000 kg15 000 kg
Maximum plate size3,0 x 12,0 m x 5...35 mmn3,0 x 12,0 m x 5...40 mm3,0 x 12,0 m x 5...50 mm
Number of magnets15 pcs18 pcs21 pcs
Exterior dimensions,
L x W x H
9,9 m x 1,6 m x 1,4 m9,9 m x 1,6 m x 1,4 m9,9 m x 1,6 m x 1,4 m
Equipment weight2400 kg2600 kg2800 kg