The standard series, for heavy-duty lifting

Skanveir Tantor vacuum lifters are engineered for demanding industrial use. The robust construction and high-quality components guarantee long, trouble-free operation. A single operator can handle large and heavy plates safely and ergonomically.

Tantor vacuum lifters are equipped with an electric pump. A unique control system monitors the functioning of the lifter, sending an alarm signal in an emergency situation; for ex. due to insufficient grip leading to a leak. The LCD screen of the control box displays also the other warnings and reminders of maintenance. Additionally, the control system stops and starts the vacuum pump automatically, when necessary, thus saving energy and extending the pump life.


Tantor vacuum lifters are available also with telescoping extensions. The telescoping ends facilitate the lifting of plates of various sizes from packages and stacks of differing heights even in restricted spaces. The manually operated extensions are easy to adjust to the required length. They can be secured by means of a quick-lock mechanism without any tools.


Standard-length Tantor vacuum lifters for 6 m plates

Technical dataT1206T1606T2406T3206T3606T4806T5406T7206
Nominal lifting capacity *) (kg)12001600240032003600480054007200
Plate length (m)t4,2 - 6,01,8 - 6,04,3 - 6,01,9 - 6,04,4 - 6,02,0 - 6,04,5 - 6,02,1 - 6,0
Number of suction cups 68686868
Suction cup diameter (mm)300300400400500500600600

The lifter height is 1.2 m, length 4 m, and cross-beam length 1.2 m.

Standard-length Tantor vacuum lifters for 12 m plates

Technical dataT2412T4812T6012T7212T9012T10812T12612T14412
Nominal lifting capacity *) (kg)24004800600072009000108001260014400
Plate length (m)2,3 - 12,02,4 - 12,05,5 - 12,02,5 - 12,05,6 - 12,02,6 - 12,02,3 - 12,02,1 - 12,0
Number of suction cups1212101210121416
Suction cup diameter (mm)300400500500600600600600

The lifter height is 1.2 m, length 10 m, and cross-beam length 1.2 m.

Telescopic Tantor (EXT) vacuum lifters

Technical dataT1006EXTT1606EXTT3206EXTT4806EXTT2112EXTT4212EXTT6312EXTT9512EXT
Nominal lifting capacity *) (kg)10001600320048002100420063009500
Plate length (m)1,8 - 6,01,8 - 6,01,9 - 6,02,0 - 6,01,8 - 12,01,9 - 12,02,0 - 12,02,1 - 12,0
Number of suction cups888812121212
Suction cup diameter (mm)230300400500300400500600
Total length, telescopic extensions (m)2,7 - 4,72,8 - 4,82,9 - 4,93,0 - 5,05,8 - 9,45,9 - 9,56,0 - 9,66,1 - 9,7

*) Nominal lifting capacity for horizontal lifting with a safety factor 2.

The table above shows a selection of Tantor vacuum lifters. Ask for details on other combinations of suction cups and beam lengths.

Standard features

  • articulated and spring-loaded suction cups are capable of gripping curved surfaces as well
  • easy adjustment of the location of suction cups (transversely and lengthways), with quick releases
  • a manual cut-off valve at each suction cup or group of suction cups
  • robust construction
  • two-point fastening to the crane’s hook
  • a painted frame that also acts as a vacuum reserve
  • zinc-passivated suction cup shafts and springs
  • an easily visible alarm indicator and an independent power supply and charging system
  • control buttons on the handle


  • radio control
  • support legs
  • a water separator
  • additional lifting hooks
  • an audible alarm
  • a cable reel