Skanveir Oy

Skanveir is a Finnish company with strong expertise in magnetic and vacuum lifting technology. Founded in 1979, the company is located in Hollola. Our core team comprising motivated, experienced lifting technology experts is complemented with a reliable subcontractor network, built up over years.


Skanveir designs and manufactures lifting technology for metal handling, bearing in mind the requirements of the application. Our expertise covers both magnetic and vacuum lifting techniques. Manufacturing the equipment in our own factory in Finland means that the whole process from start to finish is under single management and easy for our customers. Skanveir’s services include delivery, installation, user training, maintenance and spare part deliveries, all on schedule.


Skanveir is an experienced supplier of tailored lifting technology to Scandinavian, European, Russian market and to overseas countries as well. Our customers include steel mills, steel service centres, shipyards and variously-sized engineering works. Our more than 30 years’ expertise in processes and challenges related to metal handling makes Skanveir a desirable partner for companies in the metal and ship-building sectors striving to grow.